Currently just for fun


I like writing/arranging music, some is done with my own synthesizer some in Reaper.

I mainly arrange my music in Reaper now, mostly because it's quite good, but also because i think the licensing and attitude of Cockos (the company developing Reaper) is remarkable.

Current Music projects

My synth music can be downloaded here.

Julebal i Nisseland

God Jul alle sammen! Så er der ikke et øje tørt!. Laura står for det meste af vokalen + koret. Claus er nissefar, Dorthe er nissemor og Asger får sidste vers. Laura sang den 8 gange for at få koret på plads. Musikken fandt jeg som midi på nettet og den har jeg næsten ikke ændret på.

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Maximum overdrive

Another C64 song, by unknown composer, i somehow can't get further with it. I love the very 80's synth bass.

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A nice one albeit a bit too short, inspired by the unfortunately widely unknown Alter Der Ruine. I can recommend their excellent record "Giants From Far Away (2008)".

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Planned Obsolescense

Two ideas in one, the second and best part starts at 50 seconds, the closest thing to Country and Western that i'll ever make :). Don't worry it of course includes the mandatory synth and drums.

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combat (Korg-ims 20 iPad)

A song for a combat sequence in a game that has been delayed, made on an ipad and finished in reaper.

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Attempted to make an ambient loop, beat made with iElectribe, synth lines added in reaper.

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C64:Scout (Korg-ims 20 iPad)

I got an ipad the other day, and i've 'played a bit with a 70's Korg Synth (ims-20). It's quite fun to play with and some of the sounds are really nice, but it's not going to replace Reaper :). All sounds are synthetic, and only one of the 6 tracks can be complex, which means it's quite limited, but still it's pretty fun and it's possible to export the song and finish it in a DAW.

Play C64:Scout (Korg-ims 20 iPad)

C64:Auf Wiedersehen Monty

First attempt at one of my personal favorite chip tunes. It really first starts around 1:45 :)

Play C64:Auf Wiedersehen Monty


New song i'm working on, which lacks mosts of the singing.

Play iControl

Personal Terror

New song i wrote and recorded quickly, it only took a couple of evenings to do it all. Including me singing and playing power chords besides the usual synth stuff which in this song is mainly a Blofeld.

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C64:The Vikings (game over)

I use this a training piece, first version written 12-11-10: Converted the song from midi, rendererd the instruments with stock synth sounds on the Blofeld and added a stock easydrummer beat, then i played the lead with the Ketron rhodes piano. 14-11-10: Repetition 2: added more synth, and played a bit with the drums.

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First cut of the new version of Rygar. I just touched up my old version. You can compare the two versions as i also provided the old version that is created 100% with my own software.

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Play Old Rygar


Another song which i wrote quickly, was doing the dishes when i noticed that i was humming a bassline, i instantly dropped the dishwashing and recorded the bassline before i forgot it. I finished the song in a couple of days. Also the first time i've been playing with TC-helicon voicetone for my vocal parts.

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I heard a Chemical Brother song where the drums wasn't the usual big beat stuff, and i tried to recreate that feeling in this totally different song. I've been sitting a couple of nights trying to get some lyrics on it, but i didn't end up with anything i liked. The song has quite a bit too synthy feeling in places for my taste.

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One of the first songs i wrote and composed in Reaper. It even has a bit of vocals, and it's one of the first evenings with the guitar.

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Sky mix

A friend of mine (formerly known as Sky, today he's best known for his lack of starcraft 2 skills) wrote this one for the Amiga many years ago. I did a remix and added some of my own stuff in the outro, the sound in the beginning is very authentic to the original. I have no clue what the original song title (myamigaisdead) means.

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C64:Battle Valley 2010

A friend of mine (Hello Peter) has this c64 song originally composed by Jeroen Tel in the 80's as his favorite song, so over the last 4 years i've made countless versions for him, this incarnation has been destroyed a bit by my bad guitar skills.

Play C64:Battle Valley 2010


Another c64 song i've rearranged, and it needs alot of more work, also these simple guitar parts should be rerecorded, they're not tight enough. I guess it just shows that i've not practised guitar for that many hours yet.

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Side Projects

SYNTH: Jukebox

ARCADE: Mega Meteors