Currently just for fun

Old Projects

Here is the list of some of my "for fun" projects i've been working on in the past:


After playing mud for some years, i got involved coding on anothermud which was mainly developed by my old friends Lars Pedersen and Michael Toft. The part i remember best was an attempt to create a simulated weather system. Some of the ideas for map generation was used later in freeciv


I started the freeciv project with two friends of mine (Peter Unold and Allan Kjeldberg) back when we were at the university, the project has survived until today which i find very impressive.
This is actually one of the few "for fun" projects that i've actually worked on for quite a lot of hours. I probably spent about 1-2000 hours on the initial development before i got tired of it.


I played this game alot during my stay at the university, and eventually made some patches for it. I even arranged a social arrangement, where tons of people came to my parents summerhouse, it was a very cool and quite a bit crazy community.

Gesture parser

A simple gesture parser ported to javascript

Side Projects

SYNTH: Jukebox

ARCADE: Mega Meteors